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Race Faster With No Additional Training

By following the HIGH5 Nutrition Guides on the day of your next race, you could produce 15% more power and race faster, with no additional training.

There have been three recent studies looking at the performance benefits of HIGH5 2:1 fructose drinks, while following the HIGH5 Nutrition Guides. The tests all followed a similar theme: cyclists were asked to ride for 2½ hours at moderate intensity followed by a flat out Time Trial.

On one occasion: the test subjects used their own brand of nutrition, as they would normally for an event of this distance.

On another occasion: they followed the scientific nutrition strategy as detailed in the HIGH5 Nutrition Guides.

The test was designed to simulate a real life road race, where the pace would increase towards the end. It also demonstrated how much additional performance the test subjects had available for a "kick" in the latter stages of an event, which would be important to a number of other sports. The 3 studies were conducted in 3 different countries, with different researchers and test subjects. Remember that this was not a test against water, it was a test against the test subjects current nutrition brand, used in the way they would normally use it for an event of this distance.

Study 1 (2009): Cycling Weekly / Glasgow University - the 40 mile Time Trial was completed on average 5 minutes 45 seconds faster using HIGH5. more...

Study 2 (2009): Martin-Luther-University Germany - during the 40 mile Time riders produced on average 15% more power using HIGH5 (up from 184 to 212 watts) and was completed on average 8 minutes 12 seconds faster. more...

Study 3 (2010): Prof. Ernst Albin Hansen Aalborg University, Denmark (2010) - the 48km Time Trial was completed 8 minutes faster using HIGH5. more...

It’s important to note that this test was conducted over an intermediate endurance distance typically lasting around 4 to 5 hours. In longer events, such as an 11 hour full distance Triathlon or a longer Sportive, the performance benefit will be greater. The HIGH5 Nutrition Guides are free to download. They are based on the latest scientific research and guide you on the correct use of HIGH5 products. They are also easy to follow and have been fine tuned using feedback received from thousands of athletes taking part in many of the World's toughest endurance challenges. The guides are available for a range of different sports, and cover all major race distances and weather conditions - from the cold of January in the UK to the heat of an Australia summer. They also provide scientific advice on what is a correct performance enhancing dose of caffeine according to body weight and race distance.

*Average performance benefit shown in study 1, 2 and 3. Actual performance benefit may vary by individual.

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